Monday, April 6, 2015

Sweet Romance

You probably notice that this website doesn't have a specific order on the post. It really depends on what I am thinking at the moment. I hope you will find a sweet romance in the future as you continue your long journey to finishing your dreams. Don't always listen to what people say. A little rebellious will do you good. Not always is people right. Listen to your heart, follow your heart. What they believe is right, isn't always right. What you believe is right, isn't always good but at least you found out what your mistakes are. Life lessons are meant to be learnt the hard way rather than the easy way.
So when you find a sweet romance, do tell me? 
I know we don't have this kind of high school life (like the one they showed in the music video) but we can all hope to find something like this in college. I believe the video is fun and it's very cute. I am not sure you will be like her but I believe you can find your own sweet romance.
Watch this video first.
What do you think? I think the ending is really funny. I am sure you are curious on what the meaning behind this song is.
Here's the lyrics to the song. BTW the girl is british & korean.
You should watch all the videos in full screen.

If this was real life would it look like this?

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