Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Broken Song

When the rain falls you smile at me,
When the sun shines you believe in me.
Soon you held me in your arms,
You whisper in my ear the words that say you care.

When the wind blows you kiss my head,
When the star falls you tug me in.
As you held me in your arms,
Your body warmth transfer to me.

When the moon rises you look into the sky,
You wish upon the stars that you were never mine.
The midnight breeze blew your hair,
You let go of my arms.

Slowly we fell apart,
As you went back to the place where we were never together.
But before you went back,
I gently gave you a goodbye kiss.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sweet Romance

You probably notice that this website doesn't have a specific order on the post. It really depends on what I am thinking at the moment. I hope you will find a sweet romance in the future as you continue your long journey to finishing your dreams. Don't always listen to what people say. A little rebellious will do you good. Not always is people right. Listen to your heart, follow your heart. What they believe is right, isn't always right. What you believe is right, isn't always good but at least you found out what your mistakes are. Life lessons are meant to be learnt the hard way rather than the easy way.
So when you find a sweet romance, do tell me? 
I know we don't have this kind of high school life (like the one they showed in the music video) but we can all hope to find something like this in college. I believe the video is fun and it's very cute. I am not sure you will be like her but I believe you can find your own sweet romance.
Watch this video first.
What do you think? I think the ending is really funny. I am sure you are curious on what the meaning behind this song is.
Here's the lyrics to the song. BTW the girl is british & korean.
You should watch all the videos in full screen.

If this was real life would it look like this?


The meaning of giving perfume as a gift isn't to say that you smell. Here's 10 reason why giving perfume is a great gift. 

1. Perfume Is Compact
Perfume bottles generally hold no more than a few ounces worth of liquid. This means that the bottle and box are easy to carry and a snap to wrap. Most perfume bottles will also conform to TSA liquid restrictions, so unwrapped perfume for a gift can be carried onto planes, unlike other toiletry gifts. The small size makes perfume great for surprises and other times when carrying around a large box may be inconvenient or difficult. The small size also means that shipping perfume is an easy and affordable option. In fact, the small size means that many perfume sellers simply offer free shipping since the cost can be negligible.

2. Perfume Is Available for All Budgets
While perfume is seen as a luxury item, there is a perfume for every budget. Large, expensive bottles of designer perfumes make for impressive gifts, but sample-sized bottles are also an option. While designer perfumes are more expensive, it is easy to find similar scents in a more affordable price range, and more simple scents are also often great for someone on a budget. For those who are adventurous, independent perfume designers or new scents can be less expensive than classic fragrances, and finding new manufacturers or new scents can be an exciting experience.

3. Perfume Is Beautifully Packaged
Although perfume is primarily purchased for the fragrance, manufacturers put a lot of time and money into creating the perfect bottle and box for their perfume. Many people will prominently display perfume bottles on shelves or in bathrooms, and the fancy bottles can also be reused. Perfume boxes are also well designed, so a person who does not like to wrap gifts can simply present the perfume box as it is and still impress the gift recipient.

4. Perfume Is a Luxury Item
For many, perfume is not an everyday purchase. When someone takes the time to buy a special gift of perfume, it can feel very opulent. While some people do prefer practical gifts, a gift of perfume lets a person know that they can take some time to pamper themselves and that they are worth the expense. Both men and women can appreciate the scents of perfumes, and a well-designed scent will lift the spirits and increase self-confidence.

5. Perfume Is Available in Many Types of Scents
Perfume scents have an extensive range. The four basic scent types are spicy or oriental, floral, fresh, and woody, but this does not mean that perfumes only come in these four scents. Perfumes are also designed for men, women, or as unisex scents. It may seem overwhelming to see the hundreds of perfume bottles in store or online, but with so many choices, everyone is bound to find something that will suit a loved one. Perfume fragrances include traditional scents like flowers and spices, but some perfumes use more familiar scents like that of fresh-cut grass or clean linens. In case of uncertainty, find one scent that the gift recipient enjoys, and then find a perfume that uses that scent as a main note.

6. Perfume Comes in Many Forms
Even if a gift recipient does not wear a traditional spray-on perfume, there are many other gift options. Scented lotions and balms are popular because they have a pleasant scent while being practical. Solid perfumes are great for travel and perfume touch-ups. Body sprays provide a light scent that is easy to apply and great for athletes who want to feel fresh after a workout. There is a form of perfume to fit every lifestyle. When in doubt, it is easy to opt for smaller bottles or lighter sprays so that the recipient can test out their new fragrance before wearing it all day.

7. Shopping Is Easy When a Person Has a Signature Scent
It is common for those who wear perfume to quickly pick out one or two favorite scents that are worn almost every day. These favorites are easy to recognize by their name or by the style of the bottle. For the person who wears perfume regularly, an extra bottle of a favorite scent is always welcome. Finding the same scent in new forms, such as a solid perfume or a small travel bottle, is also a great way to give a loved one a new way to enjoy an old favorite. Many designers also have series of scents that are intended to be worn together or by the same person. If a person already has a favorite scent, consider complementary scents that may be bundled together.

8. Perfume Can Be Easy to Return
The biggest concern over giving the gift of perfume is if the recipient does not like the smell. Perfume can be a very personal choice, so not every scent will please everyone. However, many sellers on eBay offer returns within a certain amount of days. Since perfume can be so expensive, it is important to make sure that the seller has a good return policy. This way, if the recipient does not like the scent, they can simply return the gift or make an exchange, unlike many gifts like food or some clothing items that cannot be returned if the recipient does not like them.

9. Perfume Is Not Just for Wearing
Perfume is actually a very versatile item. While it is great to wear, a quick spray of a good scent is an easy way to freshen up laundry or cover up unpleasant odors at the home. Fresh scents will make an area smell clean and invigorating, or floral scents can make a home feel comfortable and romantic. Even if the perfume recipient cannot enjoy wearing perfume on his or her skin, the beautiful scents available can be used in many other ways. Certain types of perfumes, like body sprays, are already designed to be used more heavily and are easily adapted to scent areas in the home.

10. Perfume Shows Attention to Detail
There are at least hundreds of perfume companies and scents, and there are even more variations in the available forms of perfume. Because choosing a perfume for a gift may take a lot of time and effort to find the perfect choice, recipients of perfume will appreciate their gift because of the effort that went into choosing it.

Perfume with light scent is loved by many people. Smelling like flowers will attract bees if not guys. 


If you like Milk Chocolate ...

You are a kid at heart ! There's an innocence about you that others adore. You are very nostalgic but have tendency to live too much in the past. 

If you like Dark Chocolate ...

You are the problem solver ! Always looking ahead, you are a true visionary. You have a love and appreciation for worldly things but can be materialistic at times.

If you like Bitter Chocolate ...

You are the connoisseur ! You are authoritative and well respected by many.  You are determined and unwavering but often inflexible and stubborn.

If you like White Chocolate ...

You are the eternal peace keeper ! You seek truth and fairness in the world and with others. Keeping all options open, you rarely close any doors,  occasionally making you a bit of a fence straddler.

If you like All Chocolate ...

You are the social butterfly! Always hip and well liked by others, you are flexible and know how to roll with the punches. You seek to please but can lose sight of yourself from time to time in doing so.

So which chocolate are you?

The Meaning of The Little Red Box

White & Black Rose: A symbol of both light and dark. But that wasn't what I meant. These color roses are specially handmade piece by piece. It is symbolizing beauty and youth. Roses are used to capture the hearts of both female and male.
Small earrings are wore to show happiness and youth. Small earrings are wore usually by younger age in order to show that they are young.
Gem Roses: These roses are made from crystallized gem that is smooth on the outside. It brightens the color of the actual handmade rose. I chose this turquoise color because it is a very nice color and it suits Spring.